How to get the highest or the lowest value in an array
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How to get the highest or the lowest value in an array

To get the maximum or the minimum value from an array, we can use Math.max() and Math.min() and pass as arguments the numbers from which we want to pick.
For example, we can use the same menu order from above and try to determine the most expensive and the cheapest item from the order.
const menuOrder = [
  { name: "Spaghetti", price: 10 },
  { name: "Pizza", price: 8 },
  { name: "Wine", price: 50 },

// the most expensive
Math.max(...menuOrder.map((item) => item.price));

// the cheapest
Math.min(...menuOrder.map((item) => item.price
It works by creating an array with all the prices, and then it uses the spread syntax to expand the array into values that are then passed to the Math.max() or Math.min() functions.

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